Home Grooming Tips



  • It is very very important to start home grooming your new puppy as soon as they have settled into your home after a few days. Especially with puppies who will need to be professionally groomed on a regular basis.
  • One great tip is to use a table at home when grooming as this creates a different atmosphere and mimics a professional groom, it will teach them that table time is grooming time and will help you to train them to be more obedient and patient.
  • For puppies that will need the hair around their eyes trimming “chin training” is very important as it helps to keep their face still while sharp scissors are being used around their eyes – Gently hold their chin from underneath (gently holding chin hair works) keep holding the chin until they settle and become still and then give them lots of praise and treats for letting you hold their chin without moving or flinching.
  • Touching feet, legs, pads and tails is very important, spend time touching in between their paws and nails while giving them treats and praise, this will ensure they are comfortable having their nails clipped and any dirt or knots taken out of their pads, same for them allowing to trim tails.
  • Get them used to being brushed as soon as you can. Remember that the brush is not a toy and to allow them to play and chew it will hinder your efforts to brush them later on in their growth, as soon as they are patient and let you brush them with no effort lots of praise and treats can be given and this can become a very positive and rewarding experience for you both.


Adult Dogs:

Once again if you can use a table at home for regular grooming this will differentiate between playtime and groom time, as it mimics a professional groom and creates a different atmosphere that they adapt to much easier.
  • For short coats it is still important to brush your dog (using the appropriate tools as shown in the breed specific photo guides below) so that they are used to the process, even 5 minutes once a week can be enough.
  • Touching ears, legs, pads and feet is also very beneficial to them being comfortable with the professional groom.
  • For longer coats it is very important to keep up regular at home grooming, especially if you want them to have more length and a more specific style.
  • Use the metal comb (as shown in the breed specific photo guides below) to brush close to the skin, this will find any hidden knots and tangles, the comb will snag and hold tension when there is a problem area.
  • Use the Slicker Brush to then brush out the knots and tangles (make sure you brush away from the skin as the teeth can be abrasive).
  • Never cut around face or cut out knots yourself as this can be both dangerous and can lead to a much shorter professional cut to even out patches. If you think that you need an urgent small appointment to clear around the face then make an appointment and just a face trim can be arranged at a small fee.



  • If you think that your dog needs a nail clip before the groom then an appointment for just a nail clip can be arranged at a small fee.
  • If the nails are too short to cut but still sharp the you can get a heavy duty metal nail file and file the nails at home (also great to start from a puppy giving lots of treats and praise to get them used to it), this can also help to rescind the quick (bloodline in the nail) so that more can be taken off at the next groom.


How often should I brush my dog?


 It all depends on your dogs coat take a look and find out tips of keeping your dogs coat in tip top condition between grooms